Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a delightful Easter with colorful eggs to find! May we enjoy beautiful Spring season upon us!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Don't Entrust Your Wedding Day Memories To Just Anyone!

Hmmm.... You want to hear an interesting story? I recently shot an engagement session and they had a blast during the shoot and were thrilled with their pictures! What's sad is, that during the shoot the bride told me that a couple of her girlfriends who are also engaged, were giving her, my bride, a hard time saying to her: "...Can't believe you actually paid for a Photographer...", implying to just have a family member or friend do it like they did.

Wow! This just goes to show that there is a major false impression among brides who seem to believe that just because its digital, it’s okay to let the family/friend do their pictures for little if nothing! They are greatly deceived and only end up with snapshots of their wedding day, nothing more! It's perplexing that there seemingly seems to be an increase in brides who put so much time in planning their perfect wedding, by arranging the cake, dress, flowers, DJ, venue facility, caterers and decorating, but they won't do the same for photography by investing in their memoires, the photographs they will be taking with them. I couldn't tell you how many times or the number of brides who speak to me, some in tears even, who have deep regret for having gone the route of having a family/friend member or startup photographer do their photos and did not, budget, plan and invest in their photos.

Dear friends, be wise in your photo planning and remember that cheap or free, isn't always better even if its digital. Prioritize your values and don't be deceived during this new digital era and invest in your memories which are what you take with you to help solidify your marriage forever! For more information on photography planning, please see my article published at:

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Family Fun Time!

The Mackey Family brought out fun and family closeness as I shot their family a week ago! You see Kristen, the mom who is the only girl in the family surrounded by all boys, (FIVE) including her husband Dean! Dean used to do modeling in his earlier years.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Uptown Courtship!

Hailey & Dan were such a wonderful couple to work with! Their playfulness and love made for great fun of their engagement photos as we incorporated an uptown feeling.

Ariel's Modeling

Model and actor, Ariel, had a blast when I shot her 2008 portfolio! Her eyes are a beautiful blue and her hair has striking locks of gold! Her personality was delightful as well as having a quick sense of humor ~

This is Ariel's sister, Courtney, who was peeking around the corner watching her sister's photo shoot when I caught her on camera!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

What Are Your Memories Worth?

QUESTION: “Hi D`Andrew, I am having a hard time trying to figure out what our photography budget should be? I am hearing so many different views on this as well as have a family member wanting to do it…. do you have any recommendations? My fiancĂ©, Mike scheduled a consultation with your studio to talk about possibly reserving our date with you and I am so excited!" Charlotte -

ANSWER: Hi Charlotte! Thank you for your inquiry ~ The question is this: What are your memories worth to you? Frequently, I am asked by brides to retake their bride and groom pictures because of lack of performance from the family/friend, or the low cost hungry photographer who did not meet expectations. I cannot stress enough for brides to educate themselves and keep in mind that cheap/low cost is not always the answer. Capitalism says we pay for what we get and that’s just the way it is. Quality products and services usually comes with a quality price no matter where you look. However, I encourage brides to educate themselves and consult with several photographers before making a decision, but to remember this: Go with what your eye likes and not base it off of getting it for the bottom lowest price you can which there seems to be a perception to do so just because its digital. Remember, it’s not the camera, but the person behind it. There are those who walk away priding themselves that they got services for the best low price, but in reality they compromised quality and end up with a lifetime of regret. Here is a link to an article I published to help brides educate themselves on this topic: Hope this helps with your planning! D`A N D R E W ~