Friday, October 31, 2008

GHOST Brides ~ It's Spook Time Y'all

BOOOO! For awhile now, I have taken certain images that have a haunted look, creating a mystic feeling to them if you will. Check out the following slideshow of my haunted ghost brides as well as other shots of mine from all over! You will also see some images that I was commisioned to take for the Dreaded Grove, a haunted forest! WATCH SLIDESHOW It's SPOOKY! Have a very Haunted Halloween! D`A N D R E W ~

Soldier Bride ~ Happy Halloween Everyone!

Sherry got married last year and we did her bridals around Halloween time and wanted some fun, unique bridal pictures for her wedding! I got creative as you could imagine and came up with the Soldier Bride! I must admit that this shoot was an absolute blast! WATCH SLIDESHOW D`A N D R E W ~

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Photography Conference with Colleagues & Fishing Time!

Okay, I'm so behind on my blog posting! I've got a ton of stuff to shoot you from over the summer! I was recently in LA for a photographer's conference and saw tons of friends and colleagues! Here you see a pic of my pal Sara France & I, and lots of other friends in the slideshow! Additionally, I was able to do some ocean fishing off of the piers with my bro Nick, we only caught like - Guppy size fish. Checkout the silly seagull in the slideshow that ran up and stole our bait - hook and all and got it caught in his stomach! We pulled him in with the line attached to him and cut the line... And I also spent some time photographing just people, places and things along the southern California shoreline! I was able to get in a Padres' game at the PETCO Ballpark as well! WATCH SLIDESHOW Cheers!

D` A N D R E W ~

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Destination Photographer ~ D`ANDREW

International Photographer, D`Andrew on location with staff & crew!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cabin Mountian Wedding

Annie & DJ Stretch held their wedding in mountains at a beautiful cabin! This couple was extremely playful and there never was a dull moment! Stretch is a popular DJ and does an amazing job with his gigis & Annie is an executive with the company she works with! D`A N D R E W ~