Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Utah Bride & Groom

Katie & Todd got married in the countryside of Logan Utah where the sunlight was beautiful! Checkout this old original classic Cobra car they arrived and left in! D` A N D R E W ~

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cassy's Bridal Picture Experience

Client Testimonial: "Dear D'Andrew & Kimberly, I just wanted to let you both know how unbelievably happy I am at how my photo shoot went. When I met you and saw the displayed photos that D'Andrew had taken of other girls, I was incredibly impressed. I wouldn't leave you alone for two days! I had to have you take my Bridals too! Out of all the photographers I had seen, they didn't hold a candle to D’Andrew’s work. I wasn't even going to have Bridals done, but after seeing D'Andrew's work, I wasn't walking out of there without scheduling my date! You both were so helpful at the Bridal show. Kimberly, you are the sweetest thing. You answered all my questions and within the first conversation I felt like I was talking to a dear friend. You are one of the most personable, honest, and genuine people I have ever met. Right away I knew I was in the hands of a very special and incredibly talented husband and wife!!! I looked forward to my date for months!!! During the shoot D'Andrew was a dream. He stopped every now and again to show me how "beautiful" I was. That seriously gave me the confidence to "work" the camera. D'Andrew also made sure I was liking what he was getting. He didn't want me to walk away without being satisfied. Are you kidding?!!! After seeing only one shot I was satisfied!!! One shot was worth the money! After going through D'Andrew's blog, various slideshows, and every picture he put on his website, I had very high hopes! Not only were my hopes met, they were way exceeded!!! I could have never dreamed of my photos looking so good!!! They are phenomenal!!! You are so talented D'Andrew!!! Your lighting, camera angles, cropping, and the way you position the "model" is above and beyond any other photographer's abilities. To say you have an "eye" is greatly understating your abilities. You are incredibly talented!!! In fact, you've made it very hard for me to choose my favorite to get enlarged!!! They all are great!!!

I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I will treasure these photographs forever. And you better believe that you will hear from me again! As soon as I get pregnant you are doing my photos... shortly followed by my baby photos...shortly followed by a family photo...then it starts all over when I get pregnant again! I'm not letting go of D'Andrew's talent!" - Sincerely, Cassandra

Friday, January 16, 2009

Misty & Marty Family Engagements

Misty & Marty are both fire captains with the California Fire Department and met out on the lines fighting fires. They are a spectacular couple and enjoy the outdoors! Marty has four children from a previous marriage who were loads of fun.... This is a delightful family! Cheers! D` A N D R E W ~

Client Testimonial: "D' Andrew, Thanks for the great experience last weekend. Everyone in our family had a blast. The kids were floating on cloud nine and talking about it for days after you left. It was great how you got to know our personalities so fast and applied it to the pictures. We couldn't believe how fast you got the pictures and the slide show up on line for us to see. We love all the pictures and the slide shows are awesome. Thanks and see you again soon for the wedding." - Misty & Marty